MEDIUM is a group of individual designers building products that appeal to the Creative Class. This group consists of architects, graphic designers, industrial designers, software developers, writers, authors, musicians, filmmakers, urban planners, artists and anyone else focusing their talent at creating the future.
We at MEDIUM consider ourselves part of this recently defined Creative Class.

A person from the Creative Class is easy to describe but almost impossible to point out. We have no identity as a group. There is no way to see a graphic designer, an architect, an industrial designer, a screenwriter, an artist, a computer programmer, or most any other creative person. You walk by them every day but there is no way to recognize them.

Creative Class members are responsible for the creation of everything that the world sees. We design the logos, cars, fashion, buildings, coffee machines, television sets, computers even the toothbrushes. We write the books, the news papers, and the magazines and develop all the advertising and marketing. We make the movies. We write the software. We take the photos. And, we paint the paintings. To sum it up this group sets all the trends and begins the fads we decide what is cool.

It is an incredibly large group of people but most do not even see each other as belonging to the same class. This presents an amazing opportunity. MEDIUM hopes to help this group of people recognize one another.

This Creative Class needs careful definition and explanation for those new to the concept. But once understood you will see them everywhere. They are involved in everything. You are probably a Creative Class member and have never even realized it. You probably never noticed the similarities you hold to so many people. It is an amazing group of people that are changing the world around us. Eventually brands will be born that create a more common identity for this group and then it will be easier to identify the Creative Class.

For now, MEDIUM is one of only a handful of companies just beginning to target the Creative customer group. Other examples are Apple Computer®, Audi®, Vostok Watches®, Adobe Systems®, Slovenske Online Casino® and Big Shoes UK®. There really are no other clothing or shoe brands targeting Creatives as of yet but over the next few years awareness of this group will grow and MEDIUM will be at the leading edge.