Brand Promise

With the ever-expanding distance between market leaders and the competition, it is our belief that there is only one way for a company to compete – at the Brand level. What we have discovered is that there are many companies, but very few Brands. A Brand is not a product or a service. It is not available on a shelf at the grocer or assembled on the line. It cannot be easily duplicated by the competition. It cannot be bought, only earned.

A Brand is a Promise.

A Brand is unique. It manifests passion and loyalty within us through consistently delivering on a promise. It makes an implicit guarantee to meet our needs and fulfill our expectations. The best-built brands consistently communicate a cohesive message. They know who they are and where they stand. Their identity is clear and their message is powerful. They deliver the promise.

It is our promise to cultivate creativity and entrepreneurial ideals in a conscious effort to earn MEDIUM the designation “Brand.” We recognize that within the ever-changing consumer marketplace design is our brand’s most valuable and compelling asset, and one that is the basis of competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. Our business focus is on the creative process as well as the end product, with a marketing message that promotes the process and creators behind the product.

MEDIUM is a Designer’s Movement operating as a commercial platform for designers to have direct access to various lifestyle markets. The MEDIUM Design Group is a collective of individual designers that work to create independent design concepts that are not bound by specific limitation or design requirements. This creative authority gives the MEDIUM Design Group the opportunity to create an outstanding product offering that is unique, diverse and authentic.